[Linux-aus] 20030820 LA Minutes Summary

Pia Smith president at linux.org.au
Mon Sep 8 19:44:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,

Sorry these haven't been regular recently. There's been a lot on :)

Recent events of Linux Australia include:

21/06/03 - LinuxSA and AUUG meetings - Pia Smith met with AUUG and
LinuxSA (at different times :) to establish relationships and discuss

28/06/03 - LCA Delegation trip - We had some of the old LCA dudes meet
up with the LCA2004 team to thrown in helpful suggestions. Everyone was
very impressed with all the work the LCA2004 guys have done. Well done
to the LinuxSA team!

9/08/03 - Pia Smith travelled to Melbourne meet with the LUV committee.
There were several interesting things brought up ranging from media
issues to community communication. Many thanks to the group down there
:) The Linux Australia committee are trying to get out and find the
issues and concerns. Plans to visit sunny Brisbane before the end of the
year :) 

11/08/03 - "Linux Skills in IT" Seminar - with Evan Leibovitch (LPI
President) presenting. We had a diverse range of people. Community,
Government, Business types, a great turn out and we showed our Canadian
guest our wonderful Australian hospitality. :)

12/08/03 - LPI Proctors trained and LPI exams given at discounted rate.
Linux Australia set about getting some LPI proctors qualified by LPI to
sit exams so that the community could benefit from low cost paper-based
LPI exams. The proctors we managed to train (and we were only allowed a
limited number) were from Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. For
any details on LPI exams, or who is a proctor close to you, please email
lpi-proctors at lists.linux.org.au

6/09/03 - Meeting with ComputerBank NSW for general discussion.

Minutes from 20th August meeting are:

- Discussion about the Linux Trademark, and who holds it in Australia.
- LPI and Linux Australia relationship. We are considering an
affiliation with LPI.
- LPI exams at LCA - This is yet to be confirmed but should be going
ahead. Watch the conf.linux.org.au space :)
- We've unfortunately had to remove a group from the usergroups listing
(MLUG) as per request from MLUG.
- Normal business discussed.

Pia Smith <president at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia

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