[Linux-aus] Linux.Conf.Au 2004 FIXIT's - You can run one!

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Sun Nov 30 09:06:03 UTC 2003

Want to come out of LCA making a difference to the Open Source
community? You can do it; LCA2004's FIXIT's are a great chance to do

At other Linux-related conferences, it's common to have BoF sessions;
this time, we've decided to change things around a bit and turn them
into FIXIT's. 

What's a FIXIT you ask? It's basically the same as a BoF, but with an
intended outcome; that is, hands-on group sessions where you can
contribute back to open source through discussions and problem solving. 

Possible FIXIT's could include: 

-- A written-down list of problems with a particular piece of software,
with details of how to reproduce them or some clues about where the
problem might be. 
-- User Mode Linux, why its useful for ordinary LCA attendees 
-- vi vs emacs: 5 things that each can do simply that the other finds
-- Reasons why some Linux distro/BSD's installer is bad 
-- The most nasty C code in an open source server. Can you top file
locking in fetchmail? 
-- The Kernel That Will Replace Linux 

What's more; any LCA attendee can run one; it's not hard at all! All you
need to do is write up a paragraph or more, proposing your FIXIT
session, including your proposed outcome, an introduction on yourself,
and email it to the fixit organiser (myself) at

We'll be accepting submissions right up until the first day of the
conference, but the earlier you give it to us, the quicker discussion
can occur, making it even more successful. 

LinMagAu are hosting discussion forums for the FIXIT's; where you can
indicate interest, and discuss it all before and after LCA. They're live
as of today!  Topics will go live on the forum as they're submitted.



linux.conf.au 2004 - Adelaide, Australia

"Oh no, not again."

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