[Linux-aus] GNOME Australia!

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sun Nov 23 23:20:01 UTC 2003

<quote who="David Lloyd">

> > We're hoping to do some combo talks for some things, like python/gnome
> > for James's talk and stuff like that. If we can pull it off. Might be
> > worth trying this year and figuring out the problems so we can do it
> > better next year.
> You lot, EducationaLinux is in there too. Surely GNOME must be doing
> something to cater for the educational market - it's where your newest
> users could come from?

Ah, well, one of the other things I'm doing at the moment is gathering info
from various academic institutions about interest in GNOME for research
purposes, which mostly relates to usability and accessibility right now. Ben
Martin (monkeyiq) suggested to me last week or so that linux.conf.au could
have an official research conference proceedings track, so that universities
could be more easily convinced to send hacker dudes to the conference. :-)
This is a kickarse idea! It'd be an awesome track - innovative Free Software
stuff on the boil... Sweet. Heaps of people working on this stuff in .au,
let alone the rest of the world.

So, I'm researching the same thing for GUADEC, GNOME's conference. We should
put this down as something linux.conf.au organising team should look into,
and I would be very happy to share anything I've learned working on this for

And the question on everyone's lips: Sowhoisgonnadoitnextyear?

> Seriously, though, I am glad I'm the organiser of one of the mini-confs
> otherwise I wouldn't be able to work out which mini-conf to go to. The
> main conf which has expanded to 4 streams already is bad enough.

Challenging, but good. As long as we avoid tradeshowitis, I'm pretty sure
everyone will be happy. ;-)

- Jeff

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