[Linux-aus] Linux.Conf.Au 2004: 5 years of your LUG squeezed into 6 days!

Michael Davies michael at msdavies.net
Tue Nov 4 21:26:02 UTC 2003

Linux.Conf.Au 2004 - Ten Weeks to go today!
That's right, only 10 weeks to go.
Have you registered?  Are you sure you want to miss out?
This *IS* the Australian Linux Conference, you know :-)

Just to remind you, this is what you'll be missing :
  o 4 days of main conference, preceded by 2 packed days of stuff
    we couldn't fit in the main conference;

  o 8 tutorials - GNOME, PHP, NSA Linux, Exim, PostgreSQL, Cairo,
                  Augmented Reality, and Annodex.net media;

  o 36 papers across 4 streams - BIND, uCLinux, DBUS, SCOvIBM,
    AOL|7, Exim, NetBSD, LSB, GStreamer, Linux Evangelism, TeX,
    Linux Device Drivers, umlsim, reverse engineering, distcc,
    LVS, MySQL, Vinum, GNOME and python, Undergraduate
    open-source curriculum, RCU, C-Bus, Perl 6, GNOME, KDE,
    Simulated systems, libsysfs, Linux power management,
    Tridge's junkcode directory, php-apd, storage architectures,
    managing lots of machines with apt-get, GCC, and PIC
    micro-controllers (whew!),
    plus 2 mystery still-to-be-announced papers :-);

  o 3 keynotes - maddog, bdale and havoc;

  o 7 miniconfs - Debian, Audio, educationaLinux, IPv6,
    OSS in Government, GNOME.conf.au, and python;

  o LPI exams at a greatly reduced price;

  o The Penguin Dinner;

  o The Professional Delegates Networking session (at Adelaide Zoo);

  o The Hackfest competition (watch this space for details!); 

  o FIXITs (BOFs with a purpose);

  o Speakers Coaching Session;

  o "Works in Progress" session;

  o All the (wireless) bandwidth you'll need;

  o ...and some extra special super-dooper surprises which we
    can't announce publicly (you'll just have to come and find
    out for yourself :-)

It's going to be like 5 years of your local LUG crammed into 6 days (but
even better :-)!  So don't miss this opportunity to hear, meet and rub
shoulders with lots of excellent speakers from all over Australia and
the World.

So go to http://lca2004.linux.org.au/register/ -- when registrations
fill up and you miss out, you *will* be disappointed!

P.S. Another reason to register now is to secure your T-shirt (in your
size), your conference bag, and other goodies.  We're ordering for a
capacity crowd, but that doesn't mean we won't run out when we fill up.
We're finalising our purchasing soon, so give us a reason to order for
even more conference attendees!  Join the fun...

Michael Davies               Linux.Conf.Au Adelaide Jan 12-17 2004
michael at msdavies dot net  Australia's Premier Linux Conference

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