[Linux-aus] Minutes 20030319 - Summary

Pia Smith president at linux.org.au
Thu Mar 20 21:03:01 UTC 2003

Meeting minutes - Summised for easy reading.

The official meeting minutes will be posted for public access soon!
Please watch the linux.org.au space :)

1. All official business was reviewed and approved.
2. Proposed distributing funds to .AU developers
	Committee discussed pros and cons of different solutions. A proposal 
	to be submitted to committee within the fortnight for approval.
3. Face to Face meeting
	Agreed on details for a face to face meeting to more adeptly 
	discuss issue.
4. Constitution
	Was further discussed, and progress was evaluated. Still to iron
	out some issues before changes can be proposed.	
5. Membership DB
	Progress on the new membership system was discussed, as well as 
	the new web site progress.
6. Mailing lists
	Moderation of non-subscriber posts was discussed and generally 
	approved to cut down the spam on the lists. The committee agreed
	that closing the list was not the best solution.
7. Insurance liability
	Insurance liability for linux.conf.au 2003 was discussed as we
	have to raise our public liability for the event.
	Pia is now also on the AUUG NSW chapter as an ordinary member. The
	committee discussed this and her objectives were not seen to be
	a conflict of interest with her Linux Australia duties/goals.
9. Treasurer report
	The committee agreed to invest $75k in a 6 month term deposit
	at a good interest rate to best utilise it for the short term.
10. Misc
	Discussed the proposed meeting up with possible affiliate groups, 
	vendor bodies and some educational groups.
11. Closed meeting

Pia Smith
President of Linux Australia 2003/2004	
Linux Australia - http://linux.org.au

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