[Linux-aus] Hardware Sponsorship for Hungry Hacker

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed Mar 19 19:08:08 UTC 2003


For a long time it seems, Linux Australia has wanted to get involved in
support of Open Source developers in Australia. I'm hoping that the new
committee is also interested in working on this, and I'd like to offer a
test case of sorts. :-)

Some HP hardware has been offered for sale on one of the SLUG lists, which
could be put to great use helping the GNOME project with portability and
availability of binaries for that platform. Stephen Grady (who is selling
the machine) has offered a 16GB drive array as part of the deal - this would
greatly assist Australian GNOME developers as an FTP mirror and anonymous
CVS server. Additionally, it will allow me to perfect our somewhat haphazard
FTP and anoncvs mirroring facilities to benefit hackers around the world
(I'm also a GNOME sysadmin, and would dearly like to fix these problems).

Sun Microsystems have donated two Ultra1 systems to the build effort (sadly
lacking significant storage space - the HP bits will help there), whilst
ProgSoc at UTS has offered hosting for the machines.

I think this is a good test case, because it has appreciable benefits for
both Australian and international Open Source efforts, will be supported by
other organisations (progsoc), and is very low cost -> Stephen is selling
the machine and array for $240.

Thanks for considering this,

- Jeff

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