[Linux-aus] Just to keep the pot boiling...

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Wed Mar 19 09:20:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 09:11:46AM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> Hear what this bloke has to say about certification...
> http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com/qna/0,289202,sid39_gci886021,00.html
> ...and think: one way or another, we should get behind a certifier, and/or 
> roll our own.
> I think if we rolled our own, we could start with something nearly as basic as 

I'd strongly suggest working within existing certification schemes. Why 
duplicate effort?

LPI for most requirements, and if the need for a 'branded
enterprise-focussed certification' was needed, then Red Hat's RHCE, which
is kicking a lot of goals.

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