[Linux-aus] Just to keep the pot boiling...

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Mar 19 09:11:07 UTC 2003

Hear what this bloke has to say about certification...


...and think: one way or another, we should get behind a certifier, and/or 
roll our own.

I think if we rolled our own, we could start with something nearly as basic as 
an International Computer Drivers' Licence and work up from there. I'd call 
the basic course something like the Computer Pilot's Certification, step up 
to an Advanced Computer Pilot's Certification involving things like installs 
of a few different distros, some fundamental networking stuff, basic 
administration of a handful of services, and on from there to sysadminning, 
development and planning forks.

Cheers; Leon

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