[Linux-aus] Bret Busby

Gary Allpike ga at bekkersit.com
Fri Mar 14 13:04:02 UTC 2003

As you are probably coming to realise, Bret is a serial wanker.
I would like to move that this small, bitter, twisted, (add more words
here as you see fit) maniac be removed from the mailing list.
People like him are a waste of time and effort.
I think its time to give Bret the big finger and tell him to fsck off
and find a new list to annoy.
This type of behavior comes from Bret time and time again, and I fell
that nothing short of a supersonic piece of lead is going to penetrate
his thick, cloudy skull and get the message through to him that his
small minded moronic antics are neither welcome or required.  As,
unfortunately, this is illegal in this country at this time, I think we
should just cut our losses and cut Bret off.
And, a message to Bret - GET A BLOODY LIFE YOU LOSER.
Gary Allpike
Speaking as myself, for myself, by myself.
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