[Linux-aus] Person / Company needed to take over supporting Linux based email servers.

Ian Nicholls inicholls at babelsoft.com.au
Fri Mar 14 08:00:01 UTC 2003

  My apologies if this is the wrong list to send this request to. I need to find a
number of people/companies willing to take over supporting 2 linux based email
servers that I have at 2 customers.

  I am getting out of the LAN support business due to a need to concentrate my
efforts on other business areas. This has come about due to what I consider my
in-ability to provide the appropriate level of support that these customers deserve.

  I am looking for a number of sydney based professionals whom I can recommend to my
customers when I inform them of my desire to abdicate.

  If you are interested in having me put your details forward canyou get back to me
by 9AM Monday 17th so I can begin the process.

Ian Nicholls
Managing director

babelSoft Pty Ltd

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