[Linux-aus] I just want someone to go down on me first

Daniel Stone daniel at raging.dropbear.id.au
Wed Mar 12 14:09:54 UTC 2003

On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 10:22:40PM +1030, David Lloyd scrawled:
> > I just need sex like any normal person. We get paid too fuck nothing
> > else and we simply advertise on websites like www.livewebbroadcast.com
> I'm sorry but my 28.8k dialup won't cope with your streaming media.

I'm on a ghetto modem link at the modem. Cable in 2 weeks will be
refreshing - it'll also roughly coincide with getting my new CPU, which
will mean I'll have a computer for the first time in a month, and my
phone (which recently got stolen). Wa-hey.

> Thank you for submitting this to the linux-aus mailing list. It has
> scored just "1.0" on my SpamAssassin 2.50. I haven't adjusted any of the
> default settings so I reckon that others may have achieved similar
> results. Also, I think that you should also provide advice, not free of
> course, to other spammers so that their score can remain as low as
> yours!

Well, it's short, doesn't seem to have been bounced through Hotmail, and
such. Not much you can really do with this one, apart from having a
secretary to read all your mail. Seriously, a message from your
partner talking about the previous night is roughly indiscernable from
this sort of spam.

> [The technical crunch: My spamassassin did not catch this and only
> marked it as 1.0. Unfortunately, even my nick gets a small amount
> because it ends in numbers. What's people's experience with "Bayesian"
> (i.e. intelligent) spam filters and can you suggest one that is easy to
> setup and keep up to date APART form spamassassin?]

Apparently bogofilter seeded with results from spamassassin works quite
well. Basically, just feed it +spam every now and then to keep it happy.

:) d
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