[Linux-aus] I just want someone to go down on me first

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Mar 11 19:39:01 UTC 2003


> If there are any real Australian men out there I will look after you
> if you look after me. 

That's about the best offer I've had tonight.

> I just need sex like any normal person. We get paid too fuck nothing
> else and we simply advertise on websites like www.livewebbroadcast.com

I'm sorry but my 28.8k dialup won't cope with your streaming media.

> If you want good clean safe fun contact me at the above site. My user
> name is jade21. there are many people the same as me just be nice and
> we will www.livewebbroadcast.com 

Thank you for submitting this to the linux-aus mailing list. It has
scored just "1.0" on my SpamAssassin 2.50. I haven't adjusted any of the
default settings so I reckon that others may have achieved similar
results. Also, I think that you should also provide advice, not free of
course, to other spammers so that their score can remain as low as

Would you please tell me your postal address so we can subscribe you to
every junk mail service we can think of? Some of us may be so motivated
as to send you BLANK videos in brown paper wrapping for your troubles...

David Lloyd

[The technical crunch: My spamassassin did not catch this and only
marked it as 1.0. Unfortunately, even my nick gets a small amount
because it ends in numbers. What's people's experience with "Bayesian"
(i.e. intelligent) spam filters and can you suggest one that is easy to
setup and keep up to date APART form spamassassin?]

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