[Linux-aus] We have _definitely_ been undercharging for our conferences!

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Jun 30 19:08:02 UTC 2003

Two days: $2826+GST (=$3108); Academics $1764; ACS/AUUG/IIM discounted 
rate $2543; documentation _only_ $599. And polite but pushy 

One of the speakers is Kevin McIsaac of Meta Group infame, but there are 
some good ones too. Note that Kate Lundy is on the list _as_a_speaker_.

----------  Forward; originally to me  ----------
Subject: Open Source Software 2003 Forum
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 09:13
From: marcus evans <DESPAMMED>

Dear Leon,

Please find attached the information pack on the Open Source Software
2003 Forum as requested.

As this is a maximum capacity event and we have limited seats available
for the forum, we will need to contact you tomorrow at 2pm if we don't
hear from you, to confirm your number of attendees and flexible
options available, before registrations finalize around the 4th of

I look forward to further contact with you and making sure that you
benefit from this unique opportunity.


Ms Dalal Duba

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but will be removed by this weekend at the latest ]

Cheers; Leon

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