[Linux-aus] Re: [clug] Re: LUG/SIG contacts (was: "SCO case: Australian LUGs")

Pia Smith president at linux.org.au
Tue Jun 24 16:55:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 13:48, Martin Pool wrote:
> I think that would be easier for the media, and pretty appropriate
> given Linux Australia's revitalized role and committee.  It seems to
> make a lot of sense for issues like this which are not at all specific
> to any city or LUG.  If the journalist just wants to talk to a few
> different representative people then I'm sure Pia (the LA president)
> could set that up.

The interesting thing is we were approached by Sam for some comments,
but given only 2-3 days to get something together. Certainly not enough
time to get real feedback from the community. Given more time, Linux
Australia would be more than happy to poll the usergroups and get
together some statements from the community. 

> Incidentally, I just read a very good interview with Linus in which he
> addresses the issues that Sam was apparently trying to cover:

The community has certainly had very lively and interesting discussion
about the issues, and statements have been made already to the press
from several groups. It was disappointing that our community was given
either very short or no notice to get an opinion in for this story, and
were then misrepresented so strongly through Sam's comments. I
personally take great pride in being part of this community, and would
like to see either an apology, or a follow up story to make ammends for
the misrepresentation. A more professional approach will be expected in
future dealings with the Linux community in Australia.

Thankyou and regards,
Pia Smith <president at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia

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