[Linux-aus] Open Source Forum - Sydney

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Mon Jun 23 20:57:02 UTC 2003

Hi all, 

For anyone that is interested, I found out about the following forum
being held on Wednesday evening. It looks interesting, and is open to
the public. Anyone interested please RSVP to either myself or the Ros
(contact details in email). It is $15 for non ALP members. 

It'd be great if we had a strong presence there. It would have been
better if we'd found out about it sooner, but we'll make the best effort
we can.


> A Forum with the ALP Information Technology and Communications Policy 
> Committee
> The Forum will be hosted by the NSW Minister for IT, Hon. John Della 
> Bosca.
> Will open source revolutionise IT or is it all just hype? Can 
> government policy influence the market to promote Australian jobs? The
> forum will explore and consider whether there is a role for Labor 
> Party and government policy in the debate.
> Speakers:
> Martin McEniery for Redhat,
> John Harvey from IBM,
> Duncan Bennett from Sun's Linux group,
> Prof Albert Zomaya from Sydney Uni's IT School,
> Stuart Fist from the Australian, and
> someone from Microsoft.
> Wednesday 25 June 2003, at 7.00pm
> NSW Parliament House Theatrette
> Macquarie Street, Sydney
> For any futher details please contact
> Ros Aldridge
> Ph: (02) 9286 1611
Pia Smith <pia at linux.org.au>

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