[Linux-aus] Scam Of The Day: PayPal "inactive customers"

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Jun 8 08:31:02 UTC 2003

Hot off the InBox:

    Dear PayPal Customer

    This e-mail is the notification of recent innovations taken by
    PayPal to detect inactive customers and non-functioning mailboxes.

    The inactive customers are subject to restriction and removal in
    the next 3 months.

    Please confirm your email address and credit card information by
    logging in to your PayPal account using the form below:

The form does *NOT* get submitted to PayPal. Go and shut down your 
PayPal account immediately (or at least change the password) directly 
on the PayPal website at http://www.paypal.com/ if you fell for it
and submitted your information.

Cheers; Leon

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