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Should have forwarded the whole message to the LA lists actually.

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Subject: The Linux Alliance Proposal
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Hello all,

I'm thinking of posting this to all LUG groups in the state. I just wanted
to know what you thought.
The LUGs that I know of are the
-ICE Linux Users Group
-John Robertson LINUX user group
-The Linux Melbourne Usergroup
-Linux Users of Victoria
-Melbourne Linux Users Group


Dear LUG members and representatives,

I am writing to you in order to discuss a matter of mutual interest. The
success of Linux. It was recently proposed that LUV and MLUG be amalgamated
in order to pool their resources not only to provide a 'professional look'
but also to possibly increase productivity. To date, this idea has been
somewhat of a failure. However, what I propose is not amalgamation.
Merely an alliance. The creation of an umbrella organisation through which
Linux users in Victoria would be able to access the vast resources of every
other LUG in the state. Such an organisation would be represented by a
member from every LUG group providing true democracy with presidency being
determined through a regular rotation. Members of this alliance would not be
required to meet and would not have to do any more work than they already
do. They would simply provide links/details about other groups in the state
on their web pages so that we may share our vast pool of knowledge.
Moreover, this group would also enable us to legitimise those groups that
would be considered to be rather ad-hoc. Like the Linux Australia
Organisation groups within their local region they would be able to maintain
their autonomy and independence, while being part of a larger group which
would give an appearance of unity to outsiders. Collaboration for larger
scale projects or information drives would also be far easier. This would
encourage all groups to flourish in their own right as well as helping new
groups to exist by providing a skeleton structure that others could follow.
As an added incentive (provided that we
are able to reach a critical mass) for such an organisation would be the
possibility for non-trivial group discounts, insurance, government funding,
etc.... ideas that are nothing more than dreams at this moment in time.

Yours sincerely,

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Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia
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