[Linux-aus] Extent of sco's complaint.

Con Zymaris conz at cyber.com.au
Thu Jun 5 12:49:01 UTC 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 02:40:08PM +1000, Andrae Muys wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had a better description of the extent of 
> contamination claimed by SCO than "hundreds of lines".  I ask because 
> 2000 lines (a rather generous interpretaion of 'hundreds') is negligable 
> compared to 4.5 million lines over 10,000 files in the current kernel. 
> In fact it amounts to approx 4 files, highly ironic considering the 
> history of unix copyright disputes.

Agreed. Or to put this 'egregious' oversight into some kind of 
perspective, consider the following. At present, something like 50,000 
- 70,000 new lines of kernel code are added _per month_! 

Therefore, 2000 lines of 'contaminated' code is 2 days' worth of code
changes. (Simple and untrue logic, but great for passing on to IT-industry


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