[Linux-aus] sco.de scotched (at least for now)

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at lemis.com
Thu Jun 5 12:16:02 UTC 2003

On Thursday,  5 June 2003 at  8:16:23 +1000, Chris Samuel wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 Jun 2003 11:14 pm, Leon Brooks wrote:
>>     THE SUCCESSFUL injunction taken out by LinuxTag last week over
>>     SCO's claim that Unixware intellectual property is infringed
>>     has led to the shutdown of the German site.
>>     The injunction, granted in a German court last week, meant that
>>     SCO downed its entire [German] site in case parts of it
>>     detailing its claims against Linux would bring it into conflict
>>     with the law.
> Interesting, I was about to write that the site was still there because you
> still get the front page from it when you go there, but then I clicked on the
> "Presse" link and got an Apache 404 error.

Looks like they're still changing things.  I can access that page now.

> So it looks like some of the internal links have been rm'd, whilst a
> few other internal ones ("Produkte", "Unixware 7.1.3" & "SCO
> Forum"), and links to sco.com, are still active.
> No idea what they thought was on the "Kontakt" page to make it removeable!

The interesting thing is that they have *not* retracted their
statement.  Specifically, http://www.sco.de/SCOsourcePM.html still

   Bad Homburg - 14. Mai 2003. Als Inhaber der UNIX-Urheberrechte
   warnt The SCO Group (Nasdaq: SCOX) davor, dass Linux ein nicht
   autorisiertes Derivat von UNIX sei.

In English:  

   As owner of the UNIX copyright [note: that's not correct], The SCO
   Group warns that Linux is an unauthorized derivative of UNIX.

I wonder what's going to happen now.  It looks to me as if the press
report is wrong.  The Abmahnung set a date of 30 May, last Friday, to
stop their claims.  Only then can they apply for an injunction
(einstweilige Verfügung).  Judging by the LinuxTag web site
(http://www.linuxtag.org/2003/de/press/press.xsp) they haven't done
that yet.

The report said that an injunction was granted last week, so I suspect
that the reporter is confusing the terms Abmahnung and einstweilige

Anyway, there's one way to find out.  I'm copying Andreas Gebhard, the
press contact of LinuxTag, who should be able to give us more details.

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