[Linux-aus] Re: Proposal for Linux Australia funding: CD duplication

Stewart Smith stewartsmith at mac.com
Wed Jul 23 00:23:02 UTC 2003

this has been gradually pushed down due to the increase in my honors 
work, so sorry for the delay.

Michael Still asked that Linux Australia fund the purchase of a CD 
duplication and labeling machine to live in Canberra but be used for 
producing CDs for LUGs and other Linux/FOSS groups.

His indicative costs were:
>  - burner / labeller robot: $3,421 (CD only)
>                             $4,278 (CD / DVD)
>  - firewire card            $   60
>  - consumable ink           $   80 (black and white, or color)
>  - 74 min blanks (50)       $   35
>  - 80 min blanks (50)       $   32
> This results in a cost of $0.70 a disc, not including the wear and 
> tear on
> the robot, or the cost of ink (I don't know how long a cartridge 
> lasts).

The Linux Australia committee has decided to decline this request for 
funding on the following basis:
Considering our current financial position (i.e. money coming in), the 
relatively large initial outlay for the hardware, our self set budget 
for grants and the quotes for CD duplication from several places in 
Melbourne (as sought by me) it was found that the numbers didn't add up 
largely enough in favor of spending the money on this rather than other 

For example, for pressing 100 copies of Debian 3.0r1, I received the 
following quotes:
(area code would be 03)

guardian media
suite 610, level 6
566 st kilda rd
2 days
spoke to danny
9940 1425
420 victoria st
brunswick 3056
100cds no print $150 (with sleves) x8
3-4 working days
aa duplication services
suite 32, level 1 255 drummont st
carlton 3053
1.62 (paper wallet)
without printing 2 working days

We didn't believe the volume of CDs would justify the cost of the 
machine. But, we would be happy for coordination to happen (possibly LA 
facilitated) between groups interested in duplication so that people 
get the advantage of bulk pricing. Hopefully this is an acceptable 
resolution and again, sorry for the delay.

Stewart Smith
Vice President, Linux Australia
stewart at linux.org.au

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