[Linux-aus] Debian 10th birthday celebrations (was Re: next meeting)

Pia Smith greebo at pacific.net.au
Sun Jul 20 16:40:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 16:40, Kimberly Shelt wrote:
> Did anything come of this as far as you know Stewart ?(others?)

So far as I know, there might be some sort of Debian B'day at LCA2004
(albeit belated) but I can't see much else we could do. If the LUGs
around the place wanted to have parties, and coordinate them nationally
we may be able to help out, but no one has approached us :)

> I am just working on the latest edition, and this will be the 
> edition to run before the date.. so if LA is doing something,, 
> I need to get it in before 25th July..  

Have you put anything in linmagau about the 2004 conference? It's only 6
months away :)


Pia Smith <greebo at pacific.net.au>

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