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Jacqueline McNally jacqueline at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Thu Jul 17 08:34:01 UTC 2003

I'm not sure if the newsletter is email only, or can be linked. But it may 
be worth following up Brendan for LCA 2004.

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 From Builder AU Community newsletter -- Wednesday July 16, 2003

>Staying on top of the development world is difficult to say the least.  Not
>only do developers need to do things better in today's environment, they
>have to do it with fewer resources, at a lower cost and generally with less
>Besides searching the Net and reading books for the latest development
>trends and tips I personally like to go to developer events and talk to
>other developers to see what they are doing and exchange ideas and
>Interaction is the key at events, whether it be a user group meeting, a
>technical breakfast, webinar or a conference.  However one thing I detest
>at developer events is the sell.  There is nothing worse than hearing Joe
>from marketing give a 45 minute PowerPoint presentation about his new
>product to developers and show benchmark tests that amazingly "prove" that
>his product came out No.1.  against all the competitors.
>One of the better developer events that I have attended over the past year
>was the Linux Conference in Perth.  Why?  It had nothing to do with the
>food, venue, hotel or the company of the Linux community; rather it was the
>amount of interaction that was scheduled into the event.  With BOF
>sessions, Q & A sessions, a wireless lab and the willingness for speakers
>to hang around and talk to the punters it was certainly one of the
>highlights of the developer calendar over the past year.
>In August the team at Builder AU will be covering Microsoft's annual Tech
>Ed conference in Brisbane.  In terms of volume it is Australia's biggest
>developer conference and disappointingly looks to be the only large vendor
>conference to make it's way to Australian shores this year.  Stay tuned for
>our full coverage of the event from August 10-13.  As an exclusive
>promotion to our members, Builder AU are giving away one free registration
>to the event.  Scroll down this e-mail to find out how you can be there.
>What do you think are highs and lows of developer events these days?  What
>is your favourite developer event of the year?  Is there a developer event
>that you would like to us cover at Builder AU?  Drop me a line with your
>thoughts at brendon.chase at zdnet.com.au

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