[Linux-aus] Minutes - 20030517 Summary (Face to Face meeting)

Pia Smith president at linux.org.au
Wed Jul 2 21:45:01 UTC 2003

Meeting minutes - Summarised for easy reading.

The official meeting minutes are posted to
http://www.linux.org.au/minutes for your convenience!


1. All official business was reviewed and approved

2. LPI
Invited Greg Wright to speak about LPI and discussed LA and LPI working
together. Yet to contact Red Hat and some other vendors for similar

3. Organisation Strategic Development
Led by Andrew Cowie, (strategist extraodinaire) we set about reshaping
Linux Australia. We carefully looked at what the goals for the
organisation should be, where its place in the community is, and how
Linux Australia would best serve the community. Our aims included making
Linux Australia both useful and relevant to the community. We spent a
full day on this discussion in the hope of setting an excellent
precedent for the future of Linux Australia. We hope you all like our
ideas, please tell us what you think as the results of this discussion
will be published shortly.

4. Treasurers report

5. Insurance
We need to increase liability to $10 Million for LCA2004

6. Accepting donations on behalf of community projects
We discussed the possibility of utilising the existing Linux Australia
Credit card facility to take donations on behalf of projects online. It
was mentioned that several known projects would certainly use this
functionality and it would make their lives much easier. This policy is
in the process of being written up and will be put to the community

7. Constitution Discussion
We slaved our way through the existing Linux Australia constitution,
comparing to the Sydney Linux Users Group constitution, which was
originally the same. We went through a series of proposed changes and
ended up with a list that should ensure the Linux Australia constitution
is neither too restrictive nor irrational for Linux Australia to
function in a sane way. These changes have been written up and are
currently being checked by the committee. They will be posted to
linux-aus very soon for analysis.

8. Close

Pia Smith <president at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia

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