[Linux-aus] Minutes - 20030430 Summary

Pia Smith president at linux.org.au
Wed Jul 2 20:56:44 UTC 2003

Meeting minutes - Summarised for easy reading.

The official meeting minutes are posted to
http://www.linux.org.au/minutes for your convenience!

1. All official business was reviewed and approved

2. Administration discussion

3. LinMagAu Grant Proposal
Committee felt that supporting a community effort such as LinMagAu is
certainly within the scope of what LA should be supporting. Approved
Proposal and submitted to linux-aus for discussion.

4. LPI
We have started forming relationships with several groups, and LPI is
one of them.

5. Mailing Lists
Had some general discussion about appropriate mailing lists, their
functionality and how they are succeeding.

10. Close
Pia Smith <president at linux.org.au>
Linux Australia

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