[Linux-aus] SQL

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Tue Jan 14 08:00:12 UTC 2003


> Firstly, why do you choose MySQL, specifically? PostgreSQL is free, 
> comes with Linux, has a free online book, and, is more ANSI-SQL-92 
> compliant.

MySQL is free, comes with Linux, has a free online manual, and for the
most part is a good, fast simple database to use and administer.

> It depends on what you want to do, and, how far you want to go.

Book? Paul DuBois' "MySQL" by New Riders is quite good. The online
manual is being sold in book form as well.

> Have you tried doing a google search on "SQL tutorial", or, "mysql 
> tutorial"? If you get succesful results, you might find them cheaper, 
> and, possibly, just as good.

The book I mention takes the time out to explain basic concepts using
concrete examples. Unfortunately, open source or free books don't always
cater for newbies [despite their claim they do] for whatever reason.

As a side note, I've found PostgreSQL's documentation rather lacking in
basic concepts, such as just HOW does one create a database? Or convince
it to let you create your own database...in fact it's older
documentation was rather dismal.

I think the following SQL statement sums up the MySQL vs PostgreSQL

SELECT FROM opensource.religiouswars WHERE subject1='mysql' AND


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