[Linux-aus] Hi From TLUG

Wayne Rogers wrogers at bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 25 07:02:05 UTC 2003

My name is Wayne Rogers and I hosted the first meeting of the Townsville
Linux Users Group last night.
As of yet we do not have a website developed and I don't think it should
be long before one is. There are 27 members thus far most of whom
attended the meeting last night. About 2/3 of the group are newbies
(including myself) with the rest of the group having anywhere from 2-7
years experience in support to admin roles.
Some of the projects discussed last night included:
A Townsville distro of Linux
Development of a National Training Package for delivery as an
alternative to Microsoft in schools and training centres
I look forward to hearing from you guys as to what projects you are
currently working on and hope we maybe able to help each other out in
the future.
Wayne Rogers
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