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On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 03:05:28AM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
>     http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/toc/03_09/B382203linux.htm
> The Linux Uprising
> How a ragtag band of software geeks is threatening Sun and Microsoft--and 
> turning the computer world upside down
> Pecked by Penguins
> So far, Microsoft's attempts to counter the Linux threat have come up short

For those who aren't interested in reading through all these piece, I
excerpted perhaps the most important new piece of information below. In
essence, it shows that the recent IDC TCO report is a fraud. 

As this Microsoft-funded IDC report has been the mostly widely wielded
weopon against Linux/FOSS in the past three months, I believe that effort
should be made to understand and possibly debunk it. To that end, I have
obtained a copy of this report, and am working on a full analysis. More
over the coming weeks.


Con Zymaris

- - - 

To prove the point, Microsoft commissioned a study by market researcher
IDC that was released in December. The study concluded that because
Microsoft had created more software tools for managing and updating
Windows, the operating system would be 11% to 22% cheaper to run than
Linux over a five-year period in four out of five different common
computing tasks, such as sending files to printers and running security  
applications.  Windows was more expensive when it came to serving up Web
Yet even this tactic seems to be backfiring. One of the study's authors
accuses Microsoft of stacking the deck. IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky says the
company selected scenarios that would inevitably be more costly using
Linux. Also, he believes Windows should be cheaper to operate, since it
has been around longer, giving Microsoft more time to develop software to
manage the operating system. "Microsoft has had a lot more time to work on
this. I wonder why the win wasn't bigger," Kusnetzky says.
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