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Terry Dawson terry at animats.net
Wed Feb 19 20:10:01 UTC 2003

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 00:11, Kimberley wrote:

> I am not sure I understand your point ?

I'm not surprised, I lost it by about my second paragraph. I shoudn't respond 
to mail before I've woken up :) My apologies, I'll try to be clearer this 

> Eg.. there are sites.. they do have a apparent ability to attract
> companies advertising jobs, and that perhaps LA could take advantage
> of the already huge dbs out there with a little coding ?

I think my point was that trying to scrape jobs of other sites was not a good 
option, it'd be technically challenging to automate effectively and a lot of 
work to do manually. On the other hand, I think that simply inviting 
recruiting agencies, who run the other sites, to submit their jobs on the LA 
database would be effective, it's in their interest to do so.

> Again great..but can you give details of jobs in the db in 2002 or 2003 ?
> More recent figures would be good to those of us looking for work :)

My figures covered the 2003/2003 period.
The exact numbers are:

| year(expires) | count(year(expires)) |
|          1998 |                   13 |
|          1999 |                   78 |
|          2000 |                  133 |
|          2001 |                   92 |
|          2002 |                   43 |
|          2003 |                    7 |

The flavour of the jobs advertised changed over time, as I described in my 
original message.

> From job seekers or job offerers?
> or is it just because ..

Mostly from job seekers, job offerers don't need to check very often, only 
when they're submitting jobs.

> a.the jobs site would be the page that would "logically" change more
> often.. and thus folks would check it regularly :)

naturally, the point I was making was simply that people were and do check it 

> If the hits are good, then perhaps this can be used as proof
> for LA to approach companies to get them on the LA site ?

A better measure is probably the messages we've received from seekers and 
offerers advising us of success.

> :) I think this is indicative of the times more so than the LA site
> : itself..

As it happens there was a job waiting when I looked immediately afterward. 
But yes, I think it is indicative of the general health of the job market at 
the moment, things are a tad quiet in the IT sector.


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