[Linux-aus] Funding a real job database

Anand Kumria wildfire at progsoc.uts.edu.au
Wed Feb 19 16:51:02 UTC 2003

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 09:03:49AM +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> ...also, if what we're ramping up to is going to be worthwhile, we should 
> probably ask (not demand) at least a minimal fee from people who benefit 
> through it. If we asked an employer for $200 for each hiree, and contractors 
> for 10%-of-profit-with-$200-ceiling, this would be ridiculously cheap 
> compared to standard head-hunting companies, and rolling over a mere two jobs 
> a week would pay for a part-time admin at those rates.

Hmm, so you are suggesting that LA change from a small group of people
into a 400-strong organisation with premises and an employee.

Personally I think that is an extremely large transition to make -
especially since very basic matters; such as accepting new members are
yet to be addressed adequately.

> And what should we offer employers (nominally for their money, but this 
> applies even if we offer the service for free)? I'd suggest four levels of 
> validity: none, scan-of-dox sighted, real dox sighted, and document 
> background verified (e.g. by 'phone call to organisation originating 
> document). This would allow the employer to select a risk level at which to 
> operate, and it seems reasonable to me to charge employees/contractors a 
> moderate amount of money to sight (and scan, and maybe follow up) identity 
> and award documents.

It isn't clear to me what documents you particularly have in mind that
would need to be sighted. If they are documents attesting to a person
passing a course -- normally they have an associated number with them
and can be checked online.

> It also seems reasonable to do stuff like follow up the results of linking 
> people (ie call each party and ask how it went, offer blog-like opportunity 
> for each party to rate or comment on the other(s)).

Speaking of which, one of Andrew's tasks was to setup a twiki we could
use. We have one setup at http://lactte.linux.org.au/ which you (not
just Leon, everyone) are welcome to sign up to.

Obviously we are using this area to track what we do, and make things
(somewhat) more accessible than in the past. We are still experimenting, 
no decision has been made on the Twiki -- but it certainly has a lot of


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