[Linux-aus] Funding a real job database

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Feb 17 08:56:01 UTC 2003

...also, if what we're ramping up to is going to be worthwhile, we should 
probably ask (not demand) at least a minimal fee from people who benefit 
through it. If we asked an employer for $200 for each hiree, and contractors 
for 10%-of-profit-with-$200-ceiling, this would be ridiculously cheap 
compared to standard head-hunting companies, and rolling over a mere two jobs 
a week would pay for a part-time admin at those rates.

As a contractor, if I was looking for work, I would be entirely happy to shell 
out 10% of my winnings (even without the ceiling), knowing that I avoided a 
lot of tedious and often disappointing mucking about to get the work, and 
that the money was also going to a good cause. When people get billed for 
stuff, even small amounts, they tend to take it more seriously.

And what should we offer employers (nominally for their money, but this 
applies even if we offer the service for free)? I'd suggest four levels of 
validity: none, scan-of-dox sighted, real dox sighted, and document 
background verified (e.g. by 'phone call to organisation originating 
document). This would allow the employer to select a risk level at which to 
operate, and it seems reasonable to me to charge employees/contractors a 
moderate amount of money to sight (and scan, and maybe follow up) identity 
and award documents.

It also seems reasonable to do stuff like follow up the results of linking 
people (ie call each party and ask how it went, offer blog-like opportunity 
for each party to rate or comment on the other(s)).

Cheers; Leon

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