[Linux-aus] LA in Brazilian news (thanks Enrico Zini)

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Feb 9 10:14:01 UTC 2003


Pia will of course be "delighted" with the focus of the article... (-:

<translate thanks=google>
Woman in the top of Australian the GNU/Linux world

For the first time in Australia and probably for the first time in the world, 
a woman was chosen president of the biggest involved organization with 
GNU/Linux in the country. Pia Smith is the new president of the Linux.org.au, 
the Linux Australia.
Smith was nominated in last day 23 of January, after the Conference of Linux 
of Australia (Linux.conf.au). The conference, that happened in Perth, will 
happen in the next year in Adelaide and will be organized by Smith and 
Australian the GNU/Linux community.
In accordance with the ZDNet Australia, Smith affirmed that its choice was 
"important for the women in technology and a personal accomplishment". For 
Smith, the technology industry still very is dominated by the men but 
"because it has sexism but does not only have enough women in YOU".

It turns out that the Spanish word for "sink" is "pia". (-:

I think that last sentence in particular could do with a bit of polishing...

Cheers; Leon

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