[Linux-aus] telstra (adsl) broadband and support for linux (or lack thereof)

Geoffrey D. Bennett g at netcraft.com.au
Fri Feb 7 16:14:01 UTC 2003

On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 05:04:27PM +1000, Tony Nugent wrote:
> I'm wondering if others here are also frustrated with the same total
> lack of support for linux (from telstra or other ISPs), and if it is
> somehow possible to get some lobbying happening at a "higher" level
> (L-A would be ideal) to raise awareness of the situation and get
> something done about it.  If there is, how to go about it?  [...]

Vote with your feet.

> Do other ISPs do the same thing, offer no (or very limited) support
> for linux with adsl/broadband?

Some ISPs are happy to support other operating systems.

> Perhaps I should change ISPs... any recommendations?  [...]

Yes -- Internode.  See http://adsl.internode.on.net/ and in particular
http://adsl.internode.on.net/faq/getting-connected.htm#faq14 (where
they say if your OS runs TCP/IP they'll do their very best to support
it with their ADSL service).

I don't get paid to plug them; I'm just a satisfied customer.

> Is anyone from telstra listening here?  If so, then listen
> carefully...
>   Get real telstra... linux is out there, it exists, and it WORKS!
>   Lots of people use it, and lots more people will be using it in
>   the future.  More and more businesses are and will be using it,
>   especially for backend network services (with an increasing uptake
>   in desktop environments).

I think you'd be fighting an uphill battle trying to get Telstra to
care about its customers.

> So, am I alone with my frustrations?

Probably not, but you can do something about it -- stop giving them
your money.

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