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Robert Thomson rmt at linux.org.au
Fri Feb 7 10:34:02 UTC 2003

Vendors is 100% manual at the moment.
LUGs is .. interesting, but pretty much manual.
Jobs is DB backed and ok for publishing new jobs.

I wouldn't want to break links or lose content at this stage.
Although I think with a plan it'd be possible to make obvious
progression without any negative impact.  New homepage + spruce up the
rest of the site (match colours/layout more or less), then start
replacing components of the site.

I recommend no javascript, straight forward navigation (see useit.org
for some good ideas), PNGs in preference to GIFs where appropriate
(popularise PNGs, encourage new browsers), but a professional design
with a fun feel to it if poss.

Blog's ok - just so long as it's something different from every other
blog out there.

I recommend a good selection of links to interesting Linux pages.
games sites, sites with lots of screenshots, graphics, audio, desktop,
server, & links to a bunch of distributions.  All the common Q's that
are sent to committee@ or webmaster@ should be able to be answered on
the website.  Hell, I'd even include an educated estimate of Linux use
in Australia, & the world.  Up to the minute member count.  I'm sure
there's plenty more that can be added.. but likewise we don't want to
overwhelm someone who just arrives at the website having no idea about
Linux.  The "What is Linux?" link should stay & be prominent.


On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:03:11AM +0800, Leon Brooks uttered:
> On Friday 07 February 2003 03:45 am, Pia Smith wrote:
> > What I would like to do is a database
> > backend for the vendors and lug stuff, a registration page for
> > members/affiliates/corporate (whatever groups we end up deciding on)
> > that basically puts all requests into a temporary location with a web
> > admin frontend that posts to the committee list (or we have 2 or 3
> > people dedicated to this, one is not useful as they may be away) when
> > new requests arrive.
> I think Jeremy/LinuxConsultants/SLPWA's registry does most if not all of this 
> already. Permission to CC?
> > I'm thinking about starting the web site from scratch, a brand new
> > interface on it, and then add stuff as we go. That way it is _really_
> > obvious we are doing stuff, and people will be checking out the web site
> > to see where it is up to. I was thinking of just updating and improving
> > the old web site, but then its not obvious what is new, and its not so
> > interesting to keep an eye on.
> How about a blog-style system like PLUG uses? http://plug.linux.org.au/
> I'd also favour overlaying the existing system with a blog, rather than 
> replacing it, since there is some valuable information tucked away in there, 
> and no point in busting other peoples' links without good reason either.
> > Leon if you are interested in
> > this let me know and we'll organise to jump on IRC or something. Also if
> > anyone else wants to work on it, give me a yell. I'm not taking the role
> > of webmaster, more like web-organiser :)
> I can chip in things here and there, but for a few weeks at least taking on 
> the whole kaboodle would involve too big a dent in the rest of my life.

If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something
to do with a shortage of flowers.
                -- Doug Larson

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