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this month Mstation.org (a music mag) is doing "a bit of an Aussie
feature" on Linux audio:

  Down there the land is large (bigger than the USA) and the population
  comparitively small (about the same as inside the M25 which rings
  London, England) but there is a vital and healthy developer's community
  there - oh yes, and great beaches!

interviews Erik de Castro Lopo (of libsndfile fame and Secret Rabbit Code
infamy) and some other wierdo.

Australia is a bit of a hotbed of Linux audio development, at least that's
the impression I got at LCA, with many people doing interesting stuff in
the area. If you're into it, drop me a line, let's do a mini-conf at
LCA 2004 in Adelaide :)

Rock on!


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This month we have for your reading pleasure ...

Sweep is a Linux tool for editing and playing soundfiles in some
non-standard ways. We talk to developer Conrad Parker.  Interview

Erik de Castro Lopo is the author of libsndfile and Secret Rabbit -     
      libsamplerate. Here he talks to us about OO, C, C++, and testing. 



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