[Linux-aus] Thanks for the fish!

Tim Bowden bowden at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 5 23:47:01 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 20:55, Leon Brooks wrote:

> NZ and AU both have pieces of legislation, long ago enacted, which regard NI 
> and SI as states of Australia. This is, I feel, all of the *technical* 
> justification you'd need to hold LCA in NZ.
> Also, I guess the difference in price between a flight PER->WEL is not 
> noticeably different from one PER->SYD, PER->MEL or PER->BNE.
> Cheers; Leon
Adelaide, Canberra, Auckland... sounds good to me.

As Stephen said please consider something like a 'power desktop users'
stream as opposed to just developer streams.  Perhaps this could have
topics like 'using advanced/ network features of X', 'X session
management', 'shell scripting tricks', 'building firewalls'...

Just a thought.
Tim Bowden

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