[Linux-aus] Finances... Aust Accounting Package

Ron Skeoch rbs at muli.com.au
Wed Feb 5 06:40:01 UTC 2003

Bret Busby wrote:

>On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Anand Kumria wrote:
>Does LA have any intended Linux-based accounting software, that can 
>handle GST?
>I am not aware of any, as yet (not that that means it doesn't exist, 
>just that I am not are of it).
I could not let this pass
Muli are Developing installing and supporting a
Australian developed linux based Accounting package

1996 first linux install
1999  ALL servers Linux
Ps Package targeted at Project based businesses.

Ronald Skeoch
Managing Director, Muli Management Pty Ltd.
124 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga, NSW. 2076. Sydney, AUSTRALIA.
Project Accounting & Management Software development, 
Installation & Training, Linux system specialist.
Ph: 612 (02) 9487 3241 Fax: 9487 3583. http://www.muli.com.au/

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