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Jon maddog Hall maddog at dtype.org
Wed Feb 5 05:45:01 UTC 2003


bret at busby.net said:
> But, accredited, formal, generic Linux certification, would be good
> for  everyone associated with Linux, and, good for customers of Linux
> professionals, and, availablity in at least each state capital, would
> enhance this. 

I have watched several different certification projects start and move forward.
Some have died.  Some are distribution specific.

Quite frankly I believe that the best one is LPI, as a vendor-neutral,
distribution neutral, scientifically created certification run by a non-profit
organization that is NOT in the training business.

Recently three things have happened which might interest the folks in Australia:

	o LPI and United Linux have worked together to form a "United Linux"
	  specific certification with LPI certification at the core.  This
	  could be done with other distributions also.

	o LPI is forming country affiliates to help promote certification
	  inside their own countries, complete with funding model

	o LPI is moving forward to create a third level of certification which
	  will allow systems administrators who have passed the first two
	  levels to specialize in things like security, networking, Data
	  storage, etc.

Since LPI's certification is separate from training, you can get your training
from a wide variety of vendors, or from the "school of hard knocks", pay
a small testing fee, and get your certification from a variety of testing
services world wide.  Yet unlike another famous certification program, LPI is
not a knock-off.  Out of the 20000+ tests they have given, only about 57% passed
A lot of these people went on to study more, took the tests again, and eventually
succeeded.  But they underestimated the scope and depth of the test, even though
there are published objectives.

As your organization settles down (and my mailbox shows that it is in healthy,
if not turbulent re-creation), perhaps it would consider becoming one of
LPI's affiliates.  When you are ready, please first see the website at
www.lpi.org, then perhaps send an email to Even Leibovitch at evan at lpi.org

Warmest regards,

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