[Linux-aus] now: Regional representation- again

Tim Bowden bowden at iinet.net.au
Tue Feb 4 22:57:01 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 17:17, Bret Busby wrote:
<snip great gobs again>

> Perhaps, if the committee is sincere, it could consider a regional 
> representation model, and try to implement it, with new membership and 
> elections in about six months (should be sufficient to implement it, so 
> it is done in plenty of time before the next AGM.
I know this is an issue dear to your heart Bret, so if you have been
following all the to and fro on this list you will have noted the
committee members have already made a commitment to examine this issue
several times. Having spoken to Pia at lca03, I know she is keen to have
members from all the states become actively involved- How is still
clearly an open question.

A number of members have however already expressed reservations about
how this might be done in a workable manner.  As a member of LA from WA,
I have to say that I would prefer the 'representation' of states to be
informal.  I don't see that it matters what the 'balance' of
representation from the states is.  If electing only the best candidate
for the job means that *any* one state has a majority from time to time
then so be it.

If there is a relevant 'local' issue that needs the attention of the LA
executive, then an approach by a lug or other concerned sig (education,
gov't, whatever) should see the LA executive lend its full support
regardless of where the reps were from.

<flamebait>As far as I am concerned the very idea of states is a
historical accident that should be cleaned up.  Let's not perpetuate the
problem </flamebait>

> Oh, and, perhaps, the committee could contact each conference attendee, 
> and check their understanding of what happened regarding the conference 
> and their membership, and, clarify the organisation's membership in 
> general.
> I suggest that the status of the organisation, the membership of 
> the organisation, and, the membership of the comittee, and, the 
> eligibility for organisation and committee membership, should all be 
> reviewed with a matter of urgency, for the sake of the community faith 
> in the organisation.

Give them time.  They all have full time jobs to go to.  Be patient.

<snip again>

Tim Bowden

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