[Linux-aus] And now for something completely different

Pia Smith greebo at pacific.net.au
Tue Feb 4 19:34:02 UTC 2003

Hi all,

A lot of things have been said in these last few days, but I (as
President of LA) have stated on several occasions that regional
representation (and community representation) is very important to LA.
I'm not sure how many times I need to repeat it, but I'm sure a cron job
could do the trick ;) Just because we debate a method doesn't mean the
reason behind it is ignored.

The committee will be discussing these things, and more in our first
meeting. We have a good idea what the current members of linux-aus
think, and we have collated ideas from all the mailing lists, and
personal communication received. We have a big jog to get this going, so
please keep it positive and supportive. 

< Bret said: >
> Insofar as I am aware, each state has Linux organisations. If people are 
> interested, they can join those organisations. Those organisations could 
> be affiliated to a state-based organisation, as I have suggested. Each 
> state-based organisation could have a delegate to the Linux Australia 
> committee.

I discussed this exact idea with many people from all around Australia
at Perth. I'm sorry but some organisation/individuals in the Linux
community have no interest affiliating with the LUGs, or having the LUGs
represent their needs. In education for instance, there are very
specific concerns that don't necessarily gel 100% with the local LUGs
concerns, so these sort of SIGs would rather have their own
representation for LA. Some of the suggestions appear to have been based
purely on the needs of the LUGs. The LUGs are a large part of the linux
community, but they are not the entire community, and we need to devise
a methodology that encompasses what _everyone_ wants and needs.

> The tying in of the AGM's and the elections, to the conferences, is 
> dangerous, 

Which is why we are looking at changing it. If everyone could please
stop rehashing then maybe we can be more constructive. Leave all the
points already made until the minutes from our meeting are posted. I'm
sure many questions and concerns will be addressed/answered.

For the information of this list, our meetings are looking at being handled 
by a phone conference/IRC combination. Thankyou for your concern.

Positive and supportive! 

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