[Linux-aus] LA GST, and a TODO list for helpers

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Feb 4 15:00:42 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 02:27 pm, Bret Busby wrote:
> Is LA registered for the GST?

It's a pity you didn't help with organising LCA2003, because if you had, you 
would have known weeks ago that it must now do so. One of the consequences of 
becoming involved, you see.

LCA2003 alone turned over well in excess of the $100,000 limit (IIRC it would 
have done so on ticket sales alone, ie, sans sponsorship), not counting stuff 
like donated premises and bandwidth; if LCA2004 is as grand it will also.

Anand wouldn't register for GST unless he needed to. IMESHO (get used to that 
phrase), if you don't trust Anand, you don't trust the judgement of the many 
fellow Linux users (hundred or so?) who voted him back in as Treasurer. 
Please turn your back on problem-hunting, there are many people doing that 
now, what we need are solutions.

Let me supply a few examples of solutions.

 * You could start or participate in a Linux (or other OSS) software
   project. The more visible developers Australia has, the easier it
   is to convince politically correct agencies to buy Linux because
   of its Australian content. If you can't code, document. Or
   translate. Or test.

 * You could create proposals for restructuring or retargeting Linux
   Australia. Stick to the concrete, positive actions, and your role
   in them, particularly the grotty jobs. There will be no shortage
   of people pointing out the negative aspects of any serious
   enterprise, because it is a lot easier to destroy than to build up;
   there will also be no shortage of people saying `you should'
   instead of `I will' or even `I am prepared to'. There will be a
   long queue of volunteers for more glorious jobs, but the glorious
   is not necessarily the most useful, and most useful is what we

 * You could promote Linux by example; hold an open house every so
   often to show off your machine and talents to other locals, show
   them how easy and reliable it all is.

Cheers; Leon

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