[Linux-aus] Representation

Robert Thomson rmt at linux.org.au
Mon Feb 3 10:01:14 UTC 2003

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 11:40:30AM +1100, Con Zymaris uttered:
> If this is part of the LA charter, this is seriously anachronistic and
> would need to be changed.  As an organisation that doesn't charge
> membership fees, and can therefore not cover the costs of ferrying exec
> board members in from interstate, this approach just can't fly as is.

While there is currently no formal method in place for
non-conference-attendee membership, there is such a thing, in that I
paid a membership fee to the treasurer in order to make nominations &
cast an absentee vote.  A formalised method for voting (including
absentee voting) would be nice, too, as I'm given the impression it
was a tad ad hoc this year.

A bit of a shemozzle, however I think it turned out well for the first
open Linux Australia AGM.

I'm sure membership and voting will be formalised soon enough.  The LA
constitution provides the framework.

As far as ferrying committee members around the country just for face
to face committee meetings - I certainly hope not.  I'm certain they
can function online & via the phone just fine.


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