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Anthony Towns aj at azure.humbug.org.au
Sun Feb 2 21:03:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 10:42:38PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> That is why there has been a lot of discussion about a representative
> sub-committee. I'm far more interested in having the absolute best people
> leading LA [1], [...]
> [1] ... and this year, we *do* have the best!

That's an interesting assertion to make. Were none of the best people
unable to attend l.c.a in Perth? Is it possible to reliably choose the
best of the people present in a rushed meeting, with no advance idea
of who the candidates are? Is having no one from Queensland on the
Linux Australia board "adequately representing the needs of people"
in Queensland?

Personally, I don't think any of the above are true. I also don't
think it's a problem that you're not doing things very well yet --
Linux Australia needs to spend some time getting on its feet before it
starts running -- but the lack of broad-based national participation in
Linux Australia is its most serious flaw, and gratuitiously dismissing
suggestions on how to improve that is very poor form.

We have a new presiding officer for Linux Australia, whose enthusiasm
and apparent willingness to listen to everyone's concerns is one of the
few things Linux Australia has going for it at the moment. Perhaps it
would be best to let her work out which direction she's going to lead
Linux Australia, and let her respond to suggestions like Bret's. She
couldn't be much more alienating than what we've seen so far.

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