[Linux-aus] Legal Eagle question

David Lloyd dlloyd at microbits.com.au
Mon Aug 11 15:29:01 UTC 2003


> Hrm, that might be bad. Aren't you a KDE fan? If Canopy go down, some
> protection of Trolltech may disappear. Sure, we don't agree with what SCO
> are doing, but let's not wish their fate on Canopy just yet (or, at least
> until the smoke clears). :-)

It's all a complex web of who does what. If Canopy also attempt something to
the effect of: "You couldn't have made a desktop like KDE without stealing
IP from Microsoft Windows [whom Canopy somehow have acquired]." then KDE's
gotten landed with the same stupid problem.


It's all too confusing if one asks me.


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