[Linux-aus] Dear Kieran

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Aug 11 11:03:01 UTC 2003

This morning, I picked up my indestructible little Nokia 6250 and 
dialled 0419660016 and had a little chat with Mr O'Shaughnessy about 
when/if he was going to get back to me with a licence price. He'd 
forwarded my emails to the legal crew in the US, he says (without 
acknowledging receipt at all, never mind) and as yet got no answer. For 
some odd reason, he seemed inclined to believe that they were fairly 
busy at the moment.

I mentioned that yes, the unofficial news sites had recently picked up 
on some interesting clauses in Novell's part of the contract and this 
would probably make them even busier. Kieran's tone got decidedly less 
bantering at that point, although I must say that his business "face" 
didn't otherwise waver (which considering the depth of the change in 
voice tone was impressive).

We're back to waiting, it seems, but if my reading of Kieran's response 
is at all indicative, TSG really, really don't want Novell's handle on 
the situation made public. Which of course is a cue for those opposing 
him to make free with list, blog and UseNet spamming. Con, would you 
please have a word in Sam's ear, if you haven't already?

Cheers; Leon

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