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Tue Aug 5 11:34:01 UTC 2003

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On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 10:55:43AM +1000, Con Zymaris wrote:
> I wouldn't be too harsh on Gartner. I suspect the reality is that they
> have a disparate and diverse range of researchers and skills. My
> discussions with a number of them seem to indicate this: some are quite
> clued-in, whereas others are shockingly bereft of market intelligence,
> which is amazing when you consider that that's their job. I find it ironic
> that we, as amateurs, often need to correct invalid assumptions that they
> base their analyses on.

No offence Con (maybe you have friends at Gartner) but this is exactly
the reason to be harsh on Gartner and companies like them.

Gartner and various consulting groups (McKinsey spring to mind) make
*tons* of money publishing their analyses and they perform just as unevenly
in every sector I've ever been involved in (Aerospace, Media Communications, 
various forms of IT) as they do in their assessments of Linux.

They've established a brand name which many large organisations and 
governments see as dispensing reliable advice. Sadly, all too often anyone 
working in the field they are commenting on can see that their "market
intelligence" is lacking. Frankly it's like a cancer on decision making
across the world.

This comparison might be tenuous, but I think it might be helpful:

"Only professional companies like Gartner have the resources and expertise
to produce quality business intelligence that leads to profits for you!"

"Only professional companies like Microsoft have the resources and expertise
to produce quality business software that leads to profits for you!"

To end this rant I'd emphasize a different point:

When critising any established organization (like Gartner or Microsoft)
it's necessary to do so in a calm and reasoned manner. The facts will help
us make a good case, whilst statements like "Frankly it's like a cancer on 
decision making across the world." probably will just turn people off.  ;)


Indranath Neogy
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Indranath Neogy
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