[Linux-aus] Red Hat sues SCO, Novell buys Ximian, Linux's usability == XP's

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Tue Aug 5 08:47:01 UTC 2003

Yes, folks, it's all happening here today... (-:


    Red Hat, the North Carolina-based leading GNU/Linux
    distribution developer, announced today that it has filed a
    complaint against The SCO Group, Inc. The complaint alleges
    that SCO has made "unfair, unsubstantiated and untrue
    public statements."

    According to Red Hat, the purpose of the legal action is to
    establish that Red Hat's software does not infringe on
    SCO's intellectual property. [...]

    The action also marked the unveiling of what Red Hat has
    dubbed the "Open Source Now Fund," a legal fund to protect
    the developers (corporate or non-profit) of GPL-licensed
    Free Software in future infringement cases. [...]

    The announcement marked the second major event in an
    interesting day for the GNU/Linux community. Earlier in the
    day, SCO rival Novell Corp., announced its plans to extend
    its GNU/Linux offerings by purchasing Ximian Inc.



    Linux, once viewed as an OS only computer geeks could
    appreciate, is today a much more user-friendly software
    that companies, public administrations, and consumers can
    master almost as easily as Microsoft's Windows XP. That's
    the core finding of a study published on Friday by
    Relevantive, a Berlin-based company specializing in
    consulting companies on the usability of software and Web

Cheers; Leon

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