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Peter Nixon peter at nixon.net
Mon Sep 3 19:59:54 UTC 2001

I am a repeat buyer of Toshiba Satelite Pro Notebooks as they always work well with Linux
(I use SuSE myself, currently runnning version 7.2) and well in general. I have the latest 1GHz model 
(with DVD/CDR/WaveLAN) arriving to me here anytime now.. (I'm currently in Northern Cyprus
and it was SUPPOSED to arrive 2 weeks ago, but I still don't have it). I'll report any problems
I have...



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On Sun, 2 Sep 2001 15:54:31 +0800
dbaldoni at iinet.net.au wrote:

> G'day folks,
> Just a quick question on laptops/notebooks being used by others out there
> as Linux workstations.  Basically, which brands/models have people tried
> and are happy with?
> I've been looking at the HP Omnibook XE3L, and some basic research tells me
> that I should be able to get everything (X, networking, etc.) going (with a
> bit of effort - but, then, nothing comes easy).  Is anybody else out there
> using this beast?
> If anybody wants to recommend a different model, I'd be interested in any
> opinions.  My requirements are:
> 	>= 14.1" TFT (active matrix of course)
> 	>= 128MB RAM
> 	>= 10GB HDD
> 	Simultaneous internal FDD and CD
> 	Onboard or PCMCIA 10/100Mb Ethernet
> 	"Touchpad" mouse - not one of those "stick pointers"
> 	Low cost (I'm a cheap sod)
> Nice things to have as well:
> 	Onboard 56Kb/s modem (preferrably FAX capable)
> 	USB port(s)
> 	Inbuilt speakers (which implies onboard audio)
> CPU performance is not an issue - I intend the box to be a carry-around
> workstation with easy connection to client networks, not a development
> machine or server platform of any kind.
> Any comments/suggestions would be welcome.
> Ciao.
> Daniel Baldoni
> LcdS Pty. Ltd.
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