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Fri Dec 28 08:07:18 AEDT 2018

Hello everyone!

Just under a month to go and it's all on! With just a few days left of 
December, there's a couple of things to remind you of.

Dietary requirements
If you have any requirements please ensure that your profile lists 
these. This includes partners and children that you may be bringing with 
you. We'll pass this onto our caterers at our different events so we can 
ensure you're, um, catered for...

If you have been accepted for one of the most rewarding roles out there, 
don't forget that you still need to register on our website. If you're 
still mulling over whether or not to volunteer, check out the benefits 
at https://linux.conf.au/attend/volunteer

Each year at linux.conf.au some people make the big journey to come 
along, only to find they cannot collect their ID badges and swag items 
at the registration desk. This is because they have not completed their 
registration successfully and while these issues are resolvable it does 
slow down your ability to participate. Ensure your registration details 
are complete before you get here so everything can go as smooth as 
possible for you!

Childcare & CodeClub Aotearoa
If you're bringing children with you to linux.conf.au you need to have 
them registered by December 31 (that's just in a few days!) to ensure 
they get a space. After this date we'll do our best to fit them in but 
we cannot guarantee it. See https://linux.conf.au/attend/childcare/ for 
more information.

If you're volunteering or you're a speaker, your child gets free 
childcare too!

Chat list
As part of signing up, all delegates have been added to our 
linux.conf.au 2019 chat list. If you're organising something such as a 
lunchtime event (or evening event) or have a question you think other 
delegates could help with, then send an email to 
chat at lists.lca2019.linux.org.au

We hope you're managing to enjoy some of the holidays!

Steven Sykes

Chair, LCA 2019
Twitter: @linuxconfau <https://twitter.com/linuxconfau>
Web: linux.conf.au/ <https://linux.conf.au/>

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