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Wed Dec 12 07:47:51 AEDT 2018

Greetings Open Source Lovers!

As I write there's only 40 days left until the first day of 
linux.conf.au 2019. Then you get to soak yourself for five whole days in 
a soul cleansing hot tub of open source goodness.

With that in mind there's a few things to remind you of in case the end 
of year silly season has forced itself to the top of your priority queue.

We are proud to have partnered with CodeClub Aotearoa who are compiling 
a brilliant programme to entertain your children from 6 years old up. If 
you happen to be bringing children who are under 5 we have qualified 
professionals lined up to look after them too.

To ensure your child gets a space you need to include them in your 
delegate profile and have filled out the childcare form mentioned at 
https://linux.conf.au/attend/childcare/. Spaces are limited so make sure 
you have done this by December 31 at the latest to ensure your child has 
a space.

Volunteers and speakers get free child care as well.

You have no reason not to bring your children with you to Christchurch!

Every year linux.conf.au calls on and relies upon, the generosity of 
volunteers. They are the people that work alongside the organising team 
to help deliver a cracker conference year after year. It just couldn't 
be done without these often unseen heroes.

You get to be close to the action and see the behind the scenes work 
that goes on to deliver such a high calibre conference and often get the 
unique opportunity to meet some interesting speakers first hand. We'll 
feed you, cloth you, and write a letter of reference for you at the end 
of the week.

If you are keen on stepping forward for such a rewarding role, then head 
on over to https://linux.conf.au/attend/volunteer and sign up. We're 
still looking for more volunteers to join the team!

Another aspect of linux.conf.au that is so instrumental are our 
sponsors. We are so grateful to the sponsors that have signed up so far 
who show their support for linux.conf.au and open source.

We have opportunities around sponsoring childcare, a coffee cart and 
more. With 2019 being the 20th anniversary make sure your organisation 
is part this unique opportunity. Get in touch with Bevan Thomas, our 
sponsors coordinator at sponsors at lca2019.org

Air Zealand Discount
Coming to linux.conf.au 2019 from the the Western Island of New Zealand 
(commonly abbreviated to Australia)? Be sure to make use of Air New 
Zealand's 5% discount from many Australian cities. Don't procrastinate 
though, this offer is only open until December 31 so make good of this 
unique offer while it lasts. After buying your ticket, head over to the 
Dashboard for the discount code.

Each year at linux.conf.au some people make the big journey to come 
along, only to find they cannot collect their ID badges and swag items 
at the registration desk. This is because they have not completed their 
registration successfully and while these issues are resolvable it does 
slow down your ability to participate. Ensure your registration details 
are complete before you get here so everything can go as smooth as 
possible for you!

Want More?
Even though we have a brilliant schedule lined up with four amazing 
keynote speakers we're not stopping there. There is more cool stuff 
coming in the pipeline that is too soon to tell you about. Keep an eye 
open for more news coming!

Steven Sykes

Chair, LCA 2019
Twitter: @linuxconfau <https://twitter.com/linuxconfau>
Web: linux.conf.au/ <https://linux.conf.au/>

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