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Mon Sep 12 23:54:15 EST 2011

Hi Everyone,

Adding to the anticipation for January 2012's linux.conf.au, the organising team are thrilled to announce that the draft schedule for the event is now available at http://linux.conf.au/programme/schedule.
The line up is stellar - featuring industry luminaries such as Rusty Russell, Andrew Tridgell and Bdale Garbee.

The Papers Committee worked incredibly hard to sift through the high quality submissions and select an array of presentations which are engaging and entertaining while delivering in-depth info across a variety of topics. There's something for everyone in this schedule, from those interested in kernel development, open hardware, community or packaging to the increasingly popular FOSS music and multimedia. It's going to be amazing!

Both the Papers Committee and Organising Team were very enthusiastic about the high rate of talks accepted from female speakers - without any acceptance bias being needed in the selection process. Nearly a quarter of accepted talks will be given by female presenters - an encouraging sign of progress in the traditionally male-oriented conference.

Much credit here is due to the important role played by the Haecksen/LinuxChix miniconf of previous years and which is again running in 2012. This has provided a platform for female speakers to gain the experience and confidence needed to go on to submit and deliver great talks at linux.conf.au" noted Josh.

The schedule announcement follows the hotly-anticipated Miniconf announcements - including Sysadmin,Browser, Haecksen/LinuxChix and Music and Multimedia - with more to come.

General info about linux.conf.au 2012
• Worried that it's hard to get to Ballarat? Worry no more, we've got you covered: http://linux.conf.au/about/getting_to_ballarat
• Media enquiries are welcomed to the linux.conf.au 2012 team at media at lcaunderthestars.org.au
• Stay tuned as registrations will open shortly!

- Josh Stewart

Conference director
linux.conf.au 2012 - Ballarat 16- 20 Jan

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